Paper: Información sobre default: Precio de las opciones


A Framework for Extracting the Probability of Default  from Stock Option Prices Abstract This paper develops a framework to estimate the probability of default (PD)  implied in listed stock options. The underlying option pricing model measures PD  as the intensity of a jump diffusion process, in which the underlying stock price jumps to zero at...+

Paper: Burjula.. vos calladita..


Quiet Bubbles Commentaries on the credit bubble of 2003-2007 routinely equate it with earlier episodes like the Internet boom. While credits were over-priced like Internet stocks a decade before, we show, using a model based on disagreement and short-sales constraints, that this is where the similarity ends. Equity bubbles are loud: price and volume go...+

Paper: HFT a donde vas?

The Future of  Computer Trading  in Financial Markets Well functioning financial markets are vital for everyone. They support businesses and growth across the world. They provide important services for investors, from large pension funds to the smallest investors. And they can even affect the long-term security of entire countries. Financial markets are evolving ever faster...+