Paper: Burjula.. vos calladita..


Quiet Bubbles Commentaries on the credit bubble of 2003-2007 routinely equate it with earlier episodes like the Internet boom. While credits were over-priced like Internet stocks a decade before, we show, using a model based on disagreement and short-sales constraints, that this is where the similarity ends. Equity bubbles are loud: price and volume go...+

Paper: Relación Bono-CDS, Crisis Europea

The Link between Eurozone Sovereign  Debt and CDS Prices Abstract We perform a theoretical and empirical analysis of the relationship between the price of Eurozone sovereign-linked credit default swaps (CDS) and the same sovereign bond markets during the Eurozone debt crisis of 2009-2011. We first present a simple model which establishes the no-arbitrage relationship between...+