Paper: Hay lugar para humanos en las finanzas de ahora?


The New Investor Abstract: A sea change is happening in finance. Machines appear to be on the rise and humans on the decline. Human endeavors have become unmanned endeavors. Human thought and human deliberation have been replaced by computerized analysis and mathematical models. Technological advances have made finance faster, larger, more global, more interconnected, and...+

Paper: HFT, enfoques para reducir la latencia

High Frequency Trading Acceleration using FPGAs Abstract This paper presents the design of an application specific hardware for accelerating High Frequency Trading applications. It is optimized to achieve the lowest possible latency for interpreting market data feeds and hence enable minimal round-trip times for executing electronic stock trades. The implementation described in this work enables...+

Paper: Regulación en camino…

Market Manipulation and Algorithmic Trading: The Next Wave of Regulatory Enforcement? Computerized trading is squarely in the crosshairs of securities and commodities regulators. Also known as algorithmic trading, it now accounts for more than half of the trading volume in U.S. equities markets, and 60 percent of futures contract trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange....+

Como hacer dinero en microsegundos (1µs)…

…Ese es nombre de un articulo escrito por Donald MacKenzie. En el cual explora la transición hacia el trading electronico, algoritmico y de alta frecuencia. Explica muy detalladamente el Flash Crash. Y referencia varios algoritmos utilizados para hacer hacer plata (VWAP, spoofing). El unico pecado del texto: su longitud. (…) The trigger was indeed an algorithm, but...+